Maintenance & Safety in Sydney

Competent Fire Safety Practioners

In July 2017 the NSW Government announced a series of building regulatory reforms, largely with respect to fire safety, which came into effect on 1 October 2017. The new regulations require that building owners must engage a ‘competent fire safety practitioner’ (CFSP) to assess their essential fire safety systems for the purposes of issuing the Annual and Supplementary Fire Safety Statements.

At the current time Planning NSW has not defined the requirements of a CFSP or how the building owners can ensure they are engaging a ‘competent fire safety practitioner’

Currently the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) has listed Alconex Fire on the Interim Fire Safety Register to assist building owners and building owners agents seeking competent fire safety practitioners.

Click here to view the Interim Fire Safety Register.

Until such time Planning NSW provides a definition and active register for CFSP, if you wish for further information to ensure you are satisfied that Alconex Fire are CFSP we will be able to provide you with a summary of our skills, experience and qualifications.

Annual & Supplementary Fire Safety Statements

The fire safety statement must be issued by the owner or the owner’s agent. The fire safety statement is required to be issued at once each year, this statement is referred to as the Annual Fire Safety Statement.

In some cases, there is a requirement to issue additional statements. These are referred to as Supplementary Fire Safety Statements.

The building owner or their agent must submit a copy of these documents to their local council and Fire and Rescue NSW. A copy must also be displayed in a prominent location in the building that it applies to, with a copy of the fire safety schedule. If you do not have a copy of the fire safety schedule you can get one from your local council. The fire safety statement is a declaration that the existing essential fire safety measures serving the building have been assessed and are capable of performing to the standard required. It also declares that the building has been inspected and no fire exit breaches were observed.

Who is responsible for the submission of the AFSS

The building owner or owners agent is responsible for the submission of the Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) either by signing the statement themselves or engaging a representative to do so on their behalf. Alconex Fire is NOT responsible for the submission of the AFSS or to be signing off on behalf of the owner of the building as they are not the building owner or nominated agent. As the building owner or owner’s agent you have engaged Alconex Fire as the CFSP and we carry out the inspect and test of the fire services at the property. When filling out Section 5 & 6 of the AFSS we are detailing the fire safety measures which we have inspected and the relevant Australian Standards & Building Codes to which they have been assessed to. We are endorsing this as CFSP and that these measures are compliant, or non-compliant if that is the case.

Why should we maintain and service our fire equipment be regularly?

Undertaking regular maintenance in line with AS 1851-2012, is one way of enhancing the reliability of fire protection systems and equipment that benefits all stakeholders. Throughout the life of a building, fire protection systems and equipment will typically only be called upon to operate in an emergency infrequently. However, if they fail to operate as designed, a substantial threat to occupants and property may arise. Therefore their reliability is critical. Alconex Fire is engaged to carry out the inspect and test of the fire safety measures to ensure they will work in the event of a fire.

Do Alconex Fire provide no Obligation Free Quoting

Yes, we are happy to provide a free no obligation quote.